Ideas For Increasing Team Morale to Reduce Conflict in the Workplace

Joyce Weiss

Isn’t it time to break up some of the sameness of the week? The workplace doesn’t have to be dull! Sprinkle in some new events and see how the anticipation plus execution pays off in dividends!

Employee engagement helps keep star employees from leaving your workplace.

Ask your team for THEIR ideas on how to create a more energetic environment.

Of course if STRESS is KING…that has to be dealt with first to help employees perform in a positive atmosphere.

Getting to the root cause is important and it does take time BUT it is worth the effort. If you need any assistance in this area, please feel free to call me. You can discuss ideas to increase morale and reduce conflict in the workplace once people feel listened to and barriers are removed.

The following are ideas that my clients use to help place smiles back on their employees:

  • Theme days (Elvis, clashing outfits)
  • Talent contests
  • Employee baby pictures bulletin boards
  • Free time to exercise
  • Dress down days
  • Give standing ovations to team members
  • Meet a team member at the airport

Joyce Weiss - coach, consultant, and facilitator
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