For Permanent and Positive Change

Beverly Inman-Ebel

We spend a lot of time and money changing us on the outside. Think of grooming costs we dedicate to our hair, clothing, even the car we drive. Sometimes those efforts pay off and people notice us differently. I have a couple of power suits that usually bring a comment or two when I wear them.

To prosper in 2009, we need to focus on changing us from the inside. Being prepared for thinking differently, acting responsibly, and creating new opportunities can take us places we have not traversed before. Just imagine what could be, without limiting yourself by what is right now.

We have a lovely retreat in the Cherokee National Forest with two mountain homes. The Creek House has a very large bedroom without a private bath. For years, I have been considering adding a bathroom to the outside of this room. In a brief conversation with my father over the holidays, he asked me what I was striving to accomplish and we ended up with a plan that not only creates a bathroom, but alters the function of the original room and the stairs to get there. I had been looking at what I had and he was looking at space without barriers.

Sometimes we have to remove walls, literally or figuratively, to create change that works.Think about something that has captured your thoughts for some time. It may not be urgent, but making a change would make your life better. Quit looking at what you have and focus on what you want. Creat some possibilities that can prosper in the space. The space can be a physical location, a budget, or any resource. Notice I used the plural form of possibility. Don't stop at one idea.

It's like playing scrabble. The "space" may be the letters that you draw, yet you have options on how you use them, where you put them, and what other options may appear because of the actions of others. And then it is not like scrabble because who says you have to use all the letters?

In 2009, think outside the box. Don't wall yourself in. Thi s year truly is a time for change. That's my two cents. While $.02 may be small change, it can bring big results. Think without rules. Create. Live your dreams!

Beverly Inman-Ebel is founder and CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC
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