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Eugene Griessman
Steve Jobs had something in common with President Lincoln? Gene Griessman joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how both Lincoln and Jobs experienced periods in their careers when they were justifiably written off.
Jim Blasingame
How can you be more like Steve Jobs? Jim Blasingame talks about the late Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial vision on innovation, customer focus, and uncompromising quest for excellence and how you can be like him.
Paul Howard
What if Steve Jobs innovations would have had to get approval by the FDA to get to market? Paul Howard joins Jim Blasingame to discuss whether the FDA approval process is unnecessarily delaying the approval of new drugs and devices.
Guy Sorman
Why is the accomplishments of Steve Jobs an American story? Frenchman Guy Sorman joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why the impact of visionary inventors like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs could only happen in America.
Jeff Zbar
Steve Jobs created brand zealots and enhanced people’s lives. Jeff Zbar joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how you can become Steve Jobs-like by creating great customer experiences that make a difference in the lives of others.
Jeff Zbar
Steve Jobs was a creative genius whose decades-long contributions to technology are unparalleled. Jeff Zbar joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the life and legacy of the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and how they were directly impacted by him.
Leslie Grossman
Steve Jobs is arguably the most innovative entrepreneur of the last 20 years. Leslie Grossman joins Jim Blasingame to discuss unique vision and instincts of Steve Jobs and whether you and I can be more like him.
Jeff Zbar
Steve Jobs changed the world. Jeff Zbar joins Jim Blasingame to reflect on the entrepreneurial vision and global influence Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, has had on businesses and consumers for over three decades.