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459694872_640 Blasingame’s 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions
Jim Blasingame shares his 2014 predictions about what will happen with the economy and trending topics. Click the links below to hear more in-depth audio segments about my 2014 predictions. Five of Jim's 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions Five more of Jim's 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions The last seven Crystal Ball predictions by Jim Blasingame
459275556_640 Recapping my 2013 Crystal Ball Predictions
Jim Blasingame recaps his predictions of things to come in 2013.
457323598_640 Should Mamas let their babies grow up to be entrepreneurs?
Jim Blasingame explains how entrepreneurs see the world.
456434458_640 How will you leave your small business the last time?
Jim Blasingame brings attention to your retirement plan or lack thereof.
454757582_640 Consider these four factors when buying a business
Jim Blasingame lists four things to consider for small business buyers.
453650543_640 When buying a business, consider these business principles
Jim Blasingame lists a few points to consider before owning your small business.
453077819_640 You can buy your American Dream from someone else
Jim Blasingame shares advice on small business start-up and buying.
452400414_640 Never give up! The race isn’t over until it’s over
Jim Blasingame shares a recent story of inspiration about never giving up.
451655726_640 Why Obamacare is unpopular with small business owners
Jim shares why so many small businesses are afraid of Obamacare.
450696665_640 Sometimes barter is better for your small business
Jim Blasingame explains how barter could help your small business grow.