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472053379_640 Customers now co-own your brand message
Jim Blasingame shares how your customer have control over your brand.
471238425_640 Business planning will always be relevant to success
Jim Blasingame explains why business planning is essential.
469460752_640 If you like your Internet, you may not be able to keep it
Jim Blasingame talks about the future of the internet with the upcoming ICANN expiration.
459556463_640 Differentiating between Users and Customers
Jim Blasingame writes on the emergence of social media IPOs and their relationship to your small business.
Default Harvesting Intangible Assets
Andrew Sherman challenges us to find ways to better leverage the value of the intangible assets that already exist in our communities and companies.
459542465_640 The Age of the Customer®, Part 1: It's the Age of the Customer®
Jim Blasingame talks about the Age of the Customer™ and what it means for your small business.
461020193_640 The Age of the Customer® Introduction
An introduction to The Age of the Customer®.
460385227_640 I know what I was feeling, but what was I thinking?
Jim Blasingame shares insight into impulsiveness with small business owners.
459694872_640 Blasingame’s 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions
Jim Blasingame shares his 2014 predictions about what will happen with the economy and trending topics. Click the links below to hear more in-depth audio segments about my 2014 predictions. Five of Jim's 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions Five more of Jim's 2014 Crystal Ball Predictions The last seven Crystal Ball predictions by Jim Blasingame
459275556_640 Recapping my 2013 Crystal Ball Predictions
Jim Blasingame recaps his predictions of things to come in 2013.