Steve Malanga

Interview with Steve Malanga

Jim and Steve talk about the proposed minimum wage hike and how it would affect small business owners and their employees.

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When the government passes laws and deploys program, there are often unintended consequences that occur that create more problems than solutions. Steve Malanga talks with Jim Blasingame about some recent examples, like the "Cash for Clunkers" program.
Will the way the government handles the Chrysler bankruptcy be the end of the sanctity of contracts? Steve Malanga joins Jim Blasingame as he examines the Obama administration's plans for Chrysler. Malanga argues the Chrysler bankruptcy is the prime example of Obamanomics and it's theory of central planning.
Are America's small business being assaulted by government policies? Is there a class war being waged that could hurt small business? Steve Malanga joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the direct and indirect impact of certain governemnt policies on American entrepreneurs.
What are the prospects for success of Obama's infrastructure plan? Steve Malanga joins Jim Blasingame to explain what the President Elect's plan is and some of the challenges he will have in executing it.
What has caused all of the financial companies to fail? Steve Malanga joins Jim Blasingame to compare the current financial industry carnage to what has happened in the past and what we can learn from these lessons. Steve also dispels the myths about corporations and taxes.