Stephen Shapiro

Interview with Stephen Shapiro

Stephen joins Jim to talk about the dangeers of being too goal-oriented and failing to enjoy where you are right now.

Category: Work-Life, Balance

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Every idea your business uses doesn't have to come from inside your four walls, consider "open innovation." That's the message Stephen Shapiro talks about with Jim Blasingame, including how to go outside of your organization to other individuals and teams to find solutions. Jim compares it to another level of outsourcing.
How much of teamwork success is mechanical and how much is creative? Stephen Shapiro joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how to install the creative element into your teamwork structure.
Are New Year Resolutions always a good thing? Steve joins Jim to talk about how to live more in the moment and the potential dangers of getting too far ahead of yourself with your goals and plans.
Do you know what the paradox of performance is? Listen in as Stephen talks with Jim about how to identify this paradox and make it work for you.
Are you navigating with a map or a compass? Stephen talks with Jim about why it's a good idea to not have all of your life planned out.