Phil Holland

Interview with Phil Holland

Phil joins Jim and talks about how he began as an entrepreneur and how he succeeded.

Category: Entrepreneurship

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Cash is KING! Profit is important, but Cash is KING! Phil Holland joins Jim Blasingame to talk about why in the next 12 months, the most important operating thought in your mind is Cash is King!
What's the best way to start a small business? Phil Holland talks with Jim Blasingame about two ways to get started as a business owner, including growing into it part-time, and acquiring a franchise.
What's the best way to get your small business started? Phil says it's with a home-based business, and he and Jim talk about the elements involved in getting your home-based business started.
What is the best way to find success as a small business? Phil says it's finding the right niche and sticking to it, and he and Jim talk about what you need to know to find your niche.
After providing a report on his recent trip to help South Africans start small businesses, Phil talks with Jim about the advantages of buying an existing business rather than starting one from scratch.