Interview with Jim Gilmore

Gov. Gilmore joins Jim to gives us his thoughts on the 9/11 Commission report.

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Governor Gilmore joins Jim to talk about his multi-city tour to help communities become better prepared for a terrorism attack or a natural disaster. The Governor says communities need to realize that for the first 72 hours, you're on your own.
Gov. Gilmore and Jim talk about his national initiative to mobilize volunteers across America to become part of the terrorism preparedness effort.
Governor Gilmore and Jim talk about why it's even more important now to connect government organization and private businesses in the effort to prepare and respond to large emergenciese, like a storm or a terrorist attack. <br></["br"]>
Governor Gilmore and Jim talk about the current political climate, as well as the current state of homeland security.
Gov. Gilmore discusses with Jim his opinion of key elements of President Bush’s State of the Union speech. He also talks of homeland security opportunities for small businesses and whether America is safer today than before 9/11.