Don Lambro

Interview with Don Lambro

What are the political issues of the government rescue plan? Don Lambro joins Jim Blasingame to talk about his take on the ugly side of politics which have been infused into the government rescue plan debate. They also talk about how all of this is impacting the presidential campaigns.

Category: Journalists

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The current health care reform and cap-and-trade debates are two critical issues being debated that will have enormous influences on small businesses. Don Lambro joins Jim Blasingame to talk about these issues and how the debate is progressing in Congress.
What does this veteran reporter think about what our government is doing to try to stimulate our economy? Don Lambro joins Jim Blasingame to offer his expert reporting on the attempts of President Obama and Congress to get our economy going again.
What will the Obama administration policies mean for small business? Don Lambro, joins Jim Blasingame to talk about these nominations and other current political events that impact small business owners.
What is the future of journalism? Don Lambro talks with Blasingame about how journalism has changed and not necessarily for the good. They also talk about the presidential campaigns and how the media has been reporting on them.
What's happening inside the Washington Beltway? Don Lambro joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how Congress is spending your money, how the presidential campaigns are going, when will we know who the VP candidates are, and whether President Bush will call a special session of Congress to debate offshore oil drilling.