Steve Martin

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Steve and Jim talk about how to manage risk in the life of your small business, and how to employ productively as you follow your dream. They discuss how to recognize whether you are risk averse or a risk taker, and how to deal with either answer.
Steve talks with Jim about something he calls "Painless Planning". Not just for business planning, this is a way to use planning for any kind of project. They focus on three primary steps: 1) Establishing measurable goals. 2) Establish milestones, 3) Allocate the necessary resources. Steve and Jim show you how to make project planning really painless, whether it be planning a vacation, or a new business direction.
Steve continues the series with Jim on installing a Cost Reduction process in your small business. Steve introduces a list of 14 questions to ask yourself in preparation to begin this process. This process will help you put more on the bottom line of your Income Statement. This may be the best 30 minute investment you've made lately.