Russell Brown

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Russ helps Jim celebrate his 8th anniversary as they continue their series on critical due diligence steps that must be taken to successfully purchase a business. This visit covers some of the regulatory issues that can many businesses are required to comply with.
Russ joins Jim to continue their series on the right questions to ask when buying a business. The topic this time involves how to ask a seller if there are any regulatory issues pending that could be detrimental to the company.
Russ and Jim continue their series on buying and selling a small business by talking about what to do when the seller's price for the business requires that you attribute a value for unreported sales that came in the form of cash. This is a very common issue and a tricky one to solve -- but it can be done.
Russ and Jim talk about another important element in the due diligence process of buying a business, which is making sure you know that ALL of the taxes have been paid current. It not, the sellers unpaid tax obligations could become yours.
Russ joins Jim to continue their series on the laws of the business buying and selling jungle. Today's discussion covers how to find out why a seller is selling, and what to do with the various answers you could get.
Russ and Jim continue their business buying and selling series as they discuss some of the reasons why a business becomes for sale.
Russ and Jim continue their series on discussing the key elements of due diligence when buying -- or selling -- a business. This discussion is about real estate, with emphasis on checking the lease of the business you're buying, to make sure you know how much it will be, it it continues to be available to a new tenant.
Russ and Jim talk about the importance of knowing the true relationship of the customers of any business you may be planning to buy.
Continuing their series on Laws of the Business Buying and Selling Jungle, Russ and Jim discuss the importance of identifying any products that may become obsolete, how to identify them, and how to plan for future products.
Continuing their series on the laws of the business buying and selling jungle, Russ and Jim discuss how to identify obsolete equipment and inventory when you are purchasing a business, why it’s important to not pay book value for these items, and how to negotiate them out of the transaction.