Russell Brown

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Even though a business owner may tell you they want to sell their business doesn't mean they're ready, and Russ and Jim talk about how to deal with this issue when buying or selling a business.
Just as you take stock of your investments at the end of the year, it's also a good idea to take stock of the value of your business, and Russell joins Jim to talk about how to do that.
Russ joins Jim to help celebrate Jim's ninth anniversary of the show and they discuss the ways to evaluate starting a new business with purchasing an existing one.
Russ talks with Jim about how to decide whether to start a business or buy an existing one.
Russ and Jim talk about the impact that selling a business you founded can have on its founder. There are many details to work out when selling a business, but don't neglect how the finality of this decision will land on you.
Russ and Jim talk about what you should know before you hire a business broker to help you buy or sell a business.
Russ and Jim talk about zoning issues that can derail a potential purchase of a small business, how to find them and how to fix them. They also talk about some of the imminent domain challenges that property owners are having across America today.
Russell joins Jim on his eighth anniversary on Jim’s Brain Trust to discuss the importance of being able to present quality financial information to a prospective buyer of your business, and how early that process should begin before you actually sell the business.
Russ and Jim talk about another key element of the due diligence process of purchasing a business. This discussion is about making sure that any exclusive, territorial or franchise relationships that were part of the seller's business model would still be available to the purchaser.
Russ and Jim talk about the issues involved in purchasing a buisness where there are franchises and vendor relationships established by the seller and how to find out if those can accrue to any prospective purchaser of that business.