Paula Lovell

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Paula joins Jim to talk about how small businesses can be not just a vendor or a service provider, but a partner with a larger corporation.
Paula shares with Jim some insight into marketing for a small business. They talk about ways to maximize your marketing dollars. Paula explains the importance of joining your Chamber of Commerce.
Paula and Sherrye have both joined Jim before, but never at the same time. The discussion focuses on the challenges and opportunities women face in the marketplace. These are special ladies with valuable perspectives.
Elinor, who is a regular guest with Jim on the day the FED's Open Market Committee meets, helps Jim interview Paula about how the FED works and how small business can influence FED policies.
Paula begins her visit with a report from a study that demonstrates a significant growth in women-owned businesses in the marketplace. They also talk about issues regarding the minority and disadvantaged sectors of the marketplace. Next they discuss guerilla marketing, what it is, and how to conduct it.
Paula discusses with Jim small business advertising, marketing, and public relations, and how to target customers.