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How does a small business stay in front of prospects and customers when the economy is slow and the budget is tight? Paula Lovell talks with Jim Blasingame about some low-cost, no-cost marketing tools, tips and best practices that will help you stay competitive.
How do you market your small business during a recession? Paula Lovell talks with Jim Blasingame about why marketing must continue, even during a slow economy, by spending more time and energy on those areas that cost little or nothing, like networking, spending more time with customers, and maximizing public relations opportunities.
October is breast cancer awareness month, and four of Jim Blasingame's Brain Trust members, who are also breast cancer survivors, join him to talk about their courageous experiences of discovery, recovery and advocacy to promote awareness, screening and early detection.
How do you market your small business during a slow economy? Paula Lovell talks with Jim Blasingame about not being passive when it comes to marketing, and about how to be aggressive in getting your message out, without spending a lot of money.
Over 40,000 women die from breast cancer every year. These ladies have at least three things in common: they are all breast cancer survivors, they are alive today largely because they were diagnosed early, and they're all members of Jim's Brain Trust, . Listen as they talk about how they were diagnosed, how they handled the news, the treatment and their professional lives, and how they feel about being a survivor. The stories are powerful demonstrations of courage and survival.
Is your website optimized for search engines? Paula joins Jim to talk about why this is important and what you can do to help prospects find you online. They also talk about other Internet marketing ideas.
With her "Top 10 list," Paula identifies what she considers to be the ten most important things small business owners should do to get their new year off on the right marketing foot.
Lois, Paula and Joan join Jim to tell their survival stories and to talk about breast cancer treatment and risk factors.
October is breast cancer awareness month and these two members of our Brain Trust, Paula and Joan, join Jim to talk about their experiences with breast cancer. You don't want to miss their courageous stories.
Paula and Jim begin their conversation talking about how small business owners need to take some time off. They move on to discuss what to do when a larger customer uses bullying tactics in order to coerce a discount.