Joan Pryde

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Joan joins Jim on Christmas morning to talk about the good news in the economy and the effects of Sadam Hussein's capture.
Joan and Jim talk about Sadam Hussein's capture and what it means to American politics.
Jim and Joan talk about this week's Kiplinger Letter and what they are predicting for the economy next year.
Jim and Joan talk about issues covered in this week's Kiplinger Letter, including if there is relief in sight for benefits costs.
Jim and Joan talk about the events in the Middle East that coincided with the President's trip to London.
Joan joins Jim for their weekly review of the Kiplinger Letter. They also talk about what's going on with the filabuster in the Senate.
Jim and Joan begin their visit by talking about bad news in healthcare. They talk about how it will get better, but not before it gets worse.
Jim and Joan talk about the most recent Kiplinger Letter. They talk about the attempt by congress to push new energy legislation.
Nancy, a cancer expert, and Joan, a cancer survivor, join Jim during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to talk about the affects cancer has on people. They also talk about treatment and how it varies from patient to patient.
Jim and Joan discuss the issues in the latest Kiplinger Letter. They talk about the difficult issue of housing.