Gene Siciliano

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What's the best way for small business to use money borrowed from a bank? Gene talks with Jim about how small businesses should manage the different kinds of working capital available to them, including bank debt, and blend them together into a successful capitalization plan.
Cash is King. Any questions? Gene joins Jim to explain the cash flow cycle and why the success of your business depends on your ability to understand it.
The economy isn't slow, but it is slowing. Gene joins Jim to talk about what you should be doing to make sure that your business is as successful as possible, even when things are slower than last year.
Gene joins Jim to talk about four critical tax savings steps you can take before the end of the year.
Gene and Jim talk about how to make sure that the products you sell and the customer relationships you have are profitable ones. But most importantly, regardless of how profitable, the facts are what you intended, not what just happened. <br></["br"]>
Gene and Jim talk about the concept of ethics in the marketplace, and they develop several examples of what ethics looks like.
Gene and Jim begin a series on setting financial fundamental goals for your small business. This visit includes the critical topic of creating and managing with regular financial statements. They also make the point that you don't have to be an accountant to manage your business with your financial statements.
Gene and Jim talk about five key things small business owners should know about their business's financial condition: Customer, products, inventory turns, collections and cash flow.
One of our resident CPAs, Gene and Jim talk about how tax planning is important to the operation of your business all year, not just during tax filing season.
Gene joins Jim to explain the importance of having a diversified customer base.