Bob Kustka

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How do you properly merge two corporate cultures when two businesses merge? Bob Kustka talks with Jim Blasingame about some of the steps that must be taken to make sure the acquiring company doesn't lose most of the human capital of the company being acquired.
Is there a war on for talent? Bob thinks there is and he and Jim talk about what small businesses should be doing to make sure we get the talent on board that we need.
Are you being successful working with the 20-somethings in your small business? Bob talks with Jim about how the Gen Ys are motivated and what we have to do to hire them and work with them successfully.
Do you know how much it REALLY costs to hire an employee? Bob talks with Jim about all of the visible as well as hidden costs that are involved in hiring, and how to reduce and perhaps eliminate the surprises.
Are you a procrastinator? Listen as Bob talks with Jim about how to use the "Five D's of productivity" to fight off the procrastinator inside of you.