Bob Dilenschneider

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For the first time ever, Jim talks with an entire family, his friends, the Dilenschneiders, about what Christmas means to them.
As a business owner with offices in midtown Manhattan, Bob talks with Jim about his thoughts on this 5th anniversary of the events of 9-11.
Bob and Jim talk about their thoughts on Memorial Day, especially with regard to leadership, both local and global.
Bob and Jim talk about the things they are thankful for, including America's heroes in the military. <br><br></["br"]></["br"]>
Bob joins Jim on Columbus day to talk about heroes, including Columbus and his men, and a number of others.
Bob and Jim talk about our modern-day heroes, like those who have volunteered to help the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast of America. <br></["br"]>
Bob and Jim discuss the heroes of our history and what it means to be a hero in the 21st century.
Bob joins Jim on Presidents Day to talk bout his perspectives on the American market place, on the global marketplace and his perspectives on the two marketplaces in the 21st century.
Jim and Bob talk about Labor Day and the global challenge of the labor situation.
Jim talks to Bob for a social and economic view of our world from one of our top thinkers.