Verne Wheelwright

Verne Wheelwright

Verne Wheelwright, PhD. is an internationally recognized professional in the field of Foresight and Futures Studies. He is the author of the award winning book It’s Your Future… Make it a Good One! (now in five languages), The Personal Futures Workbook, and recently published Small Business Foresight. He has published articles in a number of professional journals and other publications. Dr. Wheelwright has conducted workshops and addressed audiences in major cities across the U.S. He has also spoken to audiences internationally, including Turkey, Denmark, India, Australia, Japan, Canada and other countries.

In 2006, Wheelwright was awarded a PhD. from Leeds Metropolitan University for his groundbreaking research in the application of futures methods to individual lives. That research led to the development of The Personal Futures Workbook, which provides detailed worksheets and explanations that lead individuals through the same futuring process used successfully by major businesses and institutions worldwide for decades. The workbook was tested in workshop settings, then made available to the general public as a free download at Wheelwright’s web site. The workbook has been translated into several languages and is used as a text in colleges and universities.

Dr. Wheelwright’s new book, Small Business Foresight, offers a detailed description and explanation of how futures methods can be effectively applied to a small business. The book offers insights into how futures methods work and is intended to help small business owners develop a long term perspective for their business.

Wheelwright is an active member of the Association of Professional Futurists and a Fellow of the World Future Studies Federation. His business and personal travels have taken him to over fifty different countries, offering him insights and an awareness of worldwide business and cultures that underlies his approach to Foresight and Futures Studies.

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