Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake is a serial entrepreneur and success coach who used the ideas in Three Simple Steps first to escape poverty, then to achieve a life peppered with adventures. He finally turned them toward financial independence and is currently building his third company.

He founded QOL Medical LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company, in 2002 with a few thousand dollars and sold it in 2012 for over $100 million. In 2006, he founded ANU Oncology, a unique not-for-profit dedicated to developing low side-effect cancer drugs. He has worked with companies such a Biogen, 3M, and Lipha.

Blake is donating all profits from Three Simple Steps to cancer treatment research and development in honor of his mother - who battled the disease for fourteen years and was the inspiration for his three simple steps. Having spent hours in the library as an adolescent reading biographies of successful men and women, Blake has committed to donating a copy of his book to every library in the United States in hopes that these concepts will inspire today's youth to take control of their lives.

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