Tonya Dalton

Tonya Dalton

Tonya Dalton is a productivity expert who believes that too many people feel overwhelmed with all that they have to do each day. She owns inkWELL Press, a business focused on helping others use productivity to pursue their big goals so they can end each day feeling satisfied and successful.

In 2009, with $50 in seed money, Tonya started her first business working out of her home juggling two small kids. By 2011, she had grown the business to the point where her husband could leave corporate America.

The company continued to flourish, but something felt like it was missing. In 2014, she closed up shop to follow her true passion of starting inkWELL Press - a company centered around productivity with tools, training and education. inkWELL Press® launched in November of 2014 and grew to a 7 figure business within 18 months with only 3 employees. inkWELL Press has rapidly grown its online presence and has expand into a national retail partnership
thanks to a commitment to quality and fiercely loyal fans.

Tonya’s messages about business management, productivity, and the pursuit
of passion have impacted thousands and inspired her to launch her podcast,
Productivity Paradox which surpassed 200,000 downloads in the first six
months. Her podcast has been featured as an iTunes’ New and Noteworthy
podcast and regularly ranks on iTunes in the top 40 of all business marketing
& management podcasts.

Tonya continues to spread her message of empowerment through
productivity with her podcast and her course, The liveWELL Method.™

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