Tom Taormina

Tom Taormina

Tom Taormina has been a featured speaker at professional conferences, educational workshops and social gatherings for over three decades. Whether he is facilitating a management retreat, conference keynote or entertaining dinner presentation, he brings a unique perspective to any audience from having worked with nearly 600 companies in his 41-year career in leadership development, organizational excellence and quality management. For the last decade, he has been changing the landscape in product liability litigation with Forensic Business Pathology®, his proprietary methodology for optimizing difficult litigation.

Tom Taormina’s messages are rich in experiential information and compelling with anecdotes from his 14 years of background at NASA’s Mission Control Center during projects Gemini, Apollo and Skylab. Tom was part of the recovery team at NASA’s Mission Control Center during the Apollo 13 disaster. He actually heard the words “Houston, we have a problem” firsthand.

The problem-solving techniques used to bring James Lovell, Fred Haise, and John Swigert back home in April 1970 have been synthesized over 40 years into the foundation of his management consulting and expert witness work. He is currently teaching the leadership and business management techniques in his trademarked program, It WAS Rocket Science.

Tom Taormina is the author of 11 books on business process and organizational improvement, including his latest, Foreseeable Risk.

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