Steven Russo

Steven Russo

Steven Russo, Executive Vice President at Eclypses, Inc., is an accomplished and well-respected cybersecurity professional. He has more than 35 years’ experience in growing and managing organizations, and has consistently delivered value to strategic partners and channels, creating long term relationships and success.

Steven has produced impressive, enduring results throughout his multifaceted entrepreneurial career. For the last six years he has been key to the growth of Eclypses, guiding the vision and product development of the industry’s most innovative and secure cybersecurity solutions.

Utilizing his engineering and business development talents, he’s written numerous published white papers and more than a dozen published articles. In addition, Steven has served on several cyber professional conference panels, as well as keynoted at several large events in several industry verticals both in the U.S. and in Asia.

Steven, along with his business partner, has successfully raised more than $20 million from private investors for their current venture, without any VC funding support. Steven regularly engages thought leaders and high-ranking decision makers in and around cybersecurity. He invites top players to challenge him, converse with him, and dig deep with him to share knowledge and try to make the world a safer place.

Steven is focused on changing the way data is stored and controlling the way in which commands are executed within the ecosystem of both connected and Intelligent devices, including those in and around IoT. Using his drive and untiring commitment to bring greater security, he continues to engage and be one the ground within the trenches, working toward that cause.

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