Stephanie Denton

Stephanie Denton is a nationally recognized organizing expert who has been featured on the front pages of both The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. She writes the nationally syndicated newspaper column Getting Organized, and her Family Circle cover stories are regularly read by millions. Stephanie is the founder and president of Denton & Company, a consulting and training firm. As a consultant and speaker, her client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Duracell, the American Marketing Association, 3M, and Procter & Gamble. Stephanie is known for her dynamic, creative, and practical style. She creates organizing solutions that bring her clients profits and peace of mind they never thought possible.
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Jim and Stephanie talk about the problems people are facing today when organizing. Stephanie shares some ways for people to prioritize and organize.
Stephanie is our resident organizer. She joins Jim to help him become more organized, and you can listen in as she courageously takes on this seemingly impossible task. She and Jim talk about how to manage information which comes to you in ALL of the various forms.
Stephanie talks with Jim about how to be better organized in your life and in your business, with emphasis on the flow of information.