Stan Bril

Stan Bril

Over his past 15 years in the lending industry, Stan Bril has emerged as one of the senior authorities in the world of commercial lending. As the founder and CEO of MCG, a private commercial lending firm that focuses on real estate and small business funding, he has funded more than $250 million in transactions, and brokered more than $1 Billion in transactions. Today, Stan Bril is known for his blunt and straightforward approach to business and his incomparable ambition, which started when Stan opened his first company at age 11, managing three other friends that would mow neighbor’s lawns.
His personal philosophy of making sacrifices and looking towards the future has helped Stan achieve a great deal of success in the professional world. This focus on self assurance and hard work goes back Bril’s journey to complete his education, where he worked his way through high school and college, while competing as a NCAA athlete.

After graduating from school, Bril began running his own company while completing his MBA and juggling married life with his wife Albina and a new infant at home. After completing his studies, he opened MCG in 2009 and saw the company grow exponentially, all while keeping his family life at the heart of his efforts. According to Bril, his only hobby is spending time with his wife and his children, Ethan and Eliana. A true philanthropist at heart, Bril also manages to contribute to several charitable organizations in his free time, including Toys for Tots, Shots for Tots, and work with the PEW Charitable Trust.

Bril’s ability to balance work, philanthropic efforts and family life, is no accident, his contributes his drive and work ethic to his parents, who originally hail from the USSR and who came to the United States when Stan was seven. A complex journey that included a six month stay n a refugee camp in Italy that led his family to a new life in the US, where Stan immediately began developing a strong foundation of hard work and sacrifice that has led him to his many personal and professional accomplishments today.
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