Shakib Noori

Shakib Noori

Shakib Noori is the Commercial Attaché at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington D.C. He is a private sector development and business environment reform specialist. He has worked with various government institutions and international donor agencies to promote investment in Afghanistan. Mr. Noori has worked on the removal of barriers to investment in Afghanistan by streamlining administrative procedures and developing comprehensive communications strategies which has led to improved relations with private sector investors. Mr. Noori himself has much experience in the private sector in Afghanistan, having established successful small businesses in Kabul.

Mr. Noori has worked with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan for several years in many capacities. He has served as a senior policy adviser on a DFID (currently UKAID)-funded project to support the reform of existing institutional capacity in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Along with working for UKAID, he also has worked with other international donor organizations such as, German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and USAID. Mr. Noori has also advised Ministry staff on the development of a business plan with specific reform targets.

Mr. Noori has assisted the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the drafting of a Trade & Tariff Policy. He has managed the coordination and follow-up of development projects and provided capacity building to the Ministry staff. As well as maintained stakeholder relations –including donor agencies, government institutions, and private sector participants. He also prepared a comprehensive communications strategy for the Ministry.

Mr. Noori also worked with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), promoting investment in Afghanistan. As Director for Investment Promotion Directorate, he contributed to the drafting of AISA’s investment support policies and strategies. He worked to build the capacity of the investment promotion department, and instituted a goal based management system. He previously led the Public Relations and Media Department. He developed a communications and outreach program, targeting national and international media. Mr. Noori focused on instituting new communications strategies, including a newsletter, and a bi- monthly journal publication. He has represented Afghanistan investment image for many years and is well acquainted with both national and donor concerns.

Mr. Noori has studied Business Management in Preston University of Islamabad and has participated in many educational training programs in the US, Japan, and Europe.

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