Sarah Sladek

Sarah Sladek

Sarah Sladek is a best-selling author, international speaker and CEO. Since 2002, her life's work has been dedicated to helping organizations engage future generations of members and talent.

As the founder and CEO of XYZ University, Sarah has grown a future-focused company comprised of generational researchers, presenters, and strategists. XYZ U has helped hundreds of organizations grow membership and reduce turnover among younger generations.

As a leading researcher of generational insights, Sarah has authored more books and research papers on the generational topic than any other consultant. Her five books include two best-sellers for Association Management Press: The End of Membership As We Know It (2011), and Knowing Y (2014). Her fifth book, Talent Generation (2017), identifies the core strategies essential to engaging today’s talent.

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Sarah Sladek joins Jim Blasingame to report on the research the organization conducted that showed how Generation Z will behave, including their devotion to face-2-face.
Sarah Sladek joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how the little brothers/sisters of the Millennials, Generation Z are now entering the marketplace and how the two generations compare.