S. Jay Nalli

Jay Nalli is Vice President of Americas Small Business. This group is responsible for the sales and marketing to companies ranging in size from 1 to 100 employees. IBM provides a host of IT products and services to support business requirements of small and emerging growth companies. Jay joined IBM in 1985 and held a series of customer support management and sales positions until 1996 when he was promoted to Client Manager with global sales responsibility for the Automatic Data Processing account in the computer services industry. During 1997-1998, he worked as an executive assistant in the office of the General Manager of IBM’s Distribution Industry Sector. This led to a position as a store segment executive in the Retail Store Solutions organization, developing an integrated IBM store solution for the retail industry. Jay’s last assignment was developing and executing brand marketing programs for IBM’s Global Distribution sector which includes the retail, consumer packaged goods, travel and transportation customer sets.

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Jay joins Jim to talk about what big business has learned about doing business small business.