Rose Lee Archer

Rose Lee Archer is a woman's issue specialist and the producer and host of the “Rose Lee Archer Show.”

Archer knows first hand the importance of credible information that women can utilize to overcome numerous adversities in life. This determination is the core essence of her passions to help other women unite in helping each other. Archer wants to empower other women with practical information from experts, so that they can fight for their rights as well. "Information is power, and my show is about empowering women with the right information," she says.

The “Rose Lee Archer Show” provides authoritative information through credible local and national resources, such as community leaders, medical and professional experts in a variety of fields that have a tremendous impact on women's lives.

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Rose Lee joins Jim to talk about how to get started with a business. Rose Lee talks about the issues she tackles every day on her show that mostly deal with women's issues. They also talk about how to give back to the community as a business person.