Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Since the 2012 publication of his bestselling book, Lead with a Story, Paul has emerged as one of the world’s leading experts on business storytelling. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Time, Forbes, The Washington Post, PR News, Success Magazine, CIO Magazine, Investors Business Daily, Marketing Research Magazine, the American Banking Journal, and London’s Edge Magazine, among others.

His keynote speaking and training clients include international giants like Hewlett Packard, Ford Motor Company, Bayer Medical, Progressive Insurance, Walmart, Kaiser Permanente, Luxottica, and Procter & Gamble among dozens of others.

He lives with his wife and two sons in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason, Ohio.
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Paul Smith joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the difference between a story you tell a customer, and a sales pitch, and why you have to know the difference.
Paul Smith joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the primordial case for using stories in your attempt to influence others, from employees to customers.