Nattalia Lea

Nattalia Lea, author & illustrator of Miracles for the Entrepreneur. She speaks publicly on humor, publishing, entrepreneurship, and consortia marketing and management. Her consulting experience covers a range of strategic marketing and business communication challenges, such as flexible business network formation, international business development, market research, media relations, feasibility studies, and environmental and loss management. Her unique approach emphasizes sustaining a competitive advantage by creating opportunities through networking and constructive problem solving. Nattalia is a contributing editor to numerous trade publications and has been an associate editor for Alberta Business magazine. Her articles cover a wide range of business topics from small business to technological innovation; computers to the environment, and have been published in newspapers, university management classes and magazines in Canada, the U.S., Malaysia, and Singapore.

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Nattalia and Jim continue their discussion of the survey Nattalia conducted on how people use their computers, and how they feel about them. She contacted over 800 people for this survey. This may be the funniest archive we have. It's not only full of information, it's a lot of fun.
Nattalia is one of our Internet experts, and in this visit, she and Jim discuss the survey she conducted for her new book about the lives, loves, and interests of computer users. This information is not only informative, but it's also entertaining. Jim finds some of this information a little too close to home for comfort. If you are a geek, a computer widow or widower, or a ludite (someone who doesn't use a computer) check it out to see if you find yourself in the interesting facts Nattalia found.