Mike  Kucharski

Mike Kucharski

Mike Kucharski is the co-owner and Vice President of JKC Trucking, the largest refrigerated trucking company based out of Chicago, IL. For more than 30 years JKC Trucking has specialized in moving temperature sensitive freight such as fresh produce, meat, dairy products, beverages, candy and chocolates, etc. They utilize top of the line trailers equipped with temperature controlled reefer units to keep freight at a constant temperature, and they offer each customer on time service with competitively priced delivery.

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Mike Kucharski joins Jim Blasingame to report on how the Paycheck Protection Program money kept his family-owned trucking company in business, and why the trucking industry is more likely to support Trump.
Mike Kucharski joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how his trucking company was doing prior the pandemic, and what it’s like working in a family-owned business.