Lori Williams

Lori Williams

Lori Williams has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, finance and operations. She has functioned as a business owner, corporate officer and a consultant in a variety of industries.

Lori understands the challenges companies face when trying to grow and expand their business. Globalization, technological advances, and intense competition have created both challenges and opportunities. Lori’s uses her business experience and multidiscipline approach to assist companies to grow their business and increase market share.

Lori is the owner of a LW and Associates, a business strategy and financial management advisory firm, providing businesses with growth strategies designed to increase revenues, profitability and productivity. Functioning as the Chief Strategist, Lori integrates financial modeling with strategic marketing to build long-term sustainable growth. The company’s expertise includes strategic planning, financial analysis and restructuring, marketing/selling strategies and internal efficiencies.

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