Jerry Idaszak

Associate Editor, Kiplinger Washington Editors
Category: Journalists

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Jim begins the show by himself, talking about the significant contribution small businesses are making to the economic growth the U.S. is experiencing. Wehn Jerry joins Jim, they discuss several key economic factors small businesses are facing, and what Kiplinger forecasts we should expect in the near future. They go on to discuss the re-issuing of the 30 year bond and why that's a good thing, as well as the likelihood of an air traffic controller slowdown next month. They wrap up the visit with some thoughts on the recent formal transition of power in Saudi Arabia, with the death of King Faad.
Sitting in for Joan Pryde, Jerry and Jim discuss the general condition of the economy, and where Kiplinger things it's going. Among other topics, they also talk about the high price of petroleum, how it's impacting the economy, and whether an energy bill will be passed this year.