Jeff Ramson

Jeff Ramson

Jeff Ramson is founder and CEO of PCG Advisory Group, a full service investor relations and strategic advisory firm based in New York. PCG is dedicated to the discovery and creation of value in the small/micro-cap marketplace. They specialize in capital markets advisory, investor relations, and digital strategies, and have industry expertise in everything from life sciences, biotech, and fintech to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Jeff has over 30 years of Wall Street experience investing in, advising, and raising money for emerging public and private companies in their various stages of development. He helps companies maximize opportunities in the capital markets and advocates for authentic and transparent communication so that investors can identify value and connect with companies best aligned for growth.

After graduating from George Washington University with a B.A. in accounting and a minor in finance, Jeff set his sights on Wall Street. He spent the first years out of college with Price Waterhouse, where he focused on large banks and financial firms. To further his ambition to transition to a career in capital markets, Jeff acquired a position with First Boston Corp as an AVP in the internal audit department, where he obtained deeper insights into the inner workings of large Wall Street firms.

Armed with this experience, Jeff was able to obtain a position within the Foreign Exchange Trading department of Gulf International Bank. Now on a path to fulfill his goal to become an institutional trader, he quickly progressed to larger banks and positions of greater trading responsibility. Jeff spent the next 6 years at firms such as Credit Lyonnais, Barclays, and then as Vice President of FX at The Bank of Nova Scotia, where Jeff managed the Canadian Dollar portfolio for all US operations of the bank. This led to a position as a portfolio manager at Moore Capital Management, at the time a pioneer in the rapidly growing macro hedge fund space, and ultimately amongst the largest and most successful hedge funds globally.

In 1996, Jeff saw an opportunity to combine his entrepreneurial instincts and his trading skills, to launch a new company, ProActive Trading. Proactive was among the early entrants into the then developing world of online trading, and Jeff built a substantial business facilitating this emerging and dynamic trend. Once firmly established, Jeff acquired a dormant broker/dealer called Great Eastern Securities and expanded the trading business along with a banking/brokerage division which specialized in micro-cap public companies.

Between 2007-2009, an unlikely convergence of events ultimately led to the founding of PCG Advisory. There was a financial market collapse, causing the demise of some of countless Wall Street firms. At the same time, there was the sudden emergence of social media. From very early on, Jeff saw social media as a valuable business tool – one in which companies can create their own platform for communication, and thereby build their own community of stakeholders. This was revolutionary, especially for smaller companies who are perpetually challenged to gain exposure in the investor marketplace.

PCG was built on the premise of providing smaller companies innovative tools and strategies to build a larger audience of investors and communicate with these stakeholders in an effective and compliant manner. As more and more clients began to turn to PCG for these tools, Jeff continued to grow the businesses’ capabilities, adding more traditional investor relations and communications services these clients needed, and thereby leading the industry toward a fully integrated approach.

Jeff strives to use his vision and determination to innovate and continues to dedicate significant resources to keeping PCG at the forefront of the investor relations field. With his “unique insight into the needs and challenges of today's micro and small-cap companies” Jeff and PCG have used investor relations, traditional communications, and digital marketing to communicate the stories that maximize exposure to current and potential stakeholders. Jeff and his team have worked with over 200 public companies and have established PCG as a key leadership brand.

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