Jack Mencini

Jack Mencini

In his first career, Jack Mencini worked 17 years for several large publicly traded corporations, which exposed him to business throughout the world. He established the internal audit function for the Board of Directors at Ferro Corporation and also Brush Wellman Corporation (now Materion) reaching the level of vice president controller/administration of a large subsidiary before breaking away to the world of entrepreneurs.

Jack has personally owned and operated 16 companies, which included five troubled companies, which he bought, fixed up and subsequently sold. The other companies were started from scratch and included one that made the Weatherhead 100 list of fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Another is a public charity that teaches patients how to deal with their doctors. The public charity was turned over to the Mayo Clinic in 2013.

Jack also created Maximum Value Partners that he and his partner, Adam Sonnhalter have developed to focus on building success for small businesses and addressing the challenges, which are unique to them.

Jack’s educational background includes a BBA Degree in Accounting from Ohio University and an MBA Degree in Systems Management from Baldwin Wallace University
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