Hayim Herring

Hayim Herring

Hayim Herring, a rabbi and Ph.D. in Organization and Management, is C.E.O. of HayimHerring.com, whose mission is “preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s organizations™.”

Hayim is a prolific author, presenter, and organizational futurist, specializing in nonprofits and values-based organizations. Having served in several “C-suite” nonprofit executive roles, Hayim blends original research and real-world experience to inspire individuals and organizations to achieve their greatest impact.

He has published over 60 scholarly and popular articles and studies about the intersection of technology, spirituality, education, and community, and is a proven organizational visionary and entrepreneur.

He is the co-author of Leading Congregations and Nonprofit Organizations in a Connected World: Platforms, People, and Purpose. In his newest book, Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide, he applies research, story, theory, and actions that individuals and business leaders can take to improve their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

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