Emily  McHugh

Emily McHugh

Emily McHugh is a dynamic entrepreneur, educator, and global strategic consultant. She is the founder of the award-wining travel and tech accessories design company Casauri and the author of the highly acclaimed book The Little Girl's Guide to Entrepreneurship – What I Know Now That I Sure Wish I Knew Then. Born in Cambridge, England and raised in Jamaica, W.I., and New Jersey, USA, Emily has lived in six countries, speaks three languages, and resides in Florida. Emily's professional experience ranges from international trade finance to global sourcing and international marketing. She has been featured in Forbes and Fast Company Magazines and has written articles for Business Week and USA Today. She is a graduate of Swarthmore College (B.A.) and Columbia University (M.B.A.).

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Emily McHugh joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how she learned that while being a woman entrepreneur is very fulfilling, it’s “no cake walk.”
Emily McHugh joins Jim Blasingame to tell her story about the journey she took to get to America, get an education and start her own business.