Dave DeBerardinis

Dave DeBerardinis

Dave DeBerardinis is an entrepreneur with 32 years of experience in marketing and sales training in 3 distinct industries: Real Estate Brokerage, Aircraft Sales, and, for the past 8 years, totally devoted to Network Marketing (or, as he describes it, Relationship Marketing).

“People don’t join companies, they don’t just buy products—people join people," Dave says. "Are you becoming the person that people want to be associated with and to follow?”

Dave's passion is teaching the skills and personal development needed to empower others to become a true professional in the Relationship Marketing Profession. In nine months he has become one of the top 15 distributors in FGXpress, out of 44,000 worldwide.

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Dave DeBarardinis joins Jim Blasingame to discuss FGXPress and FGXpress Power Strips, a plant-based biodegradable product which offers pain relief.
Dave DeBarardinis joins Jim Blasingame to explain that marketing is not about selling the product, but connecting with people who have the same beliefs, find out what they need and addressing those needs.