Dave Cosgrave

Dave Cosgrave

Dave Cosgrave is Director, Market Insights & Analytics at FreshBooks – a leading provider of invoicing and accounting software for small businesses and the self-employed. Dave helps FreshBooks better understand the markets it serves through quantitative research and data analytics, while supporting FreshBooks’ broader mission to make the world a better place for small businesses.

He’s led and co-authored each of FreshBooks’ annual Self Employment in America reports, which are among the largest and broadly-scoped studies of their kind. Prior to FreshBooks, Dave held a variety of data and insight leadership roles both in industry and as an outside consultant. He has provided research-based advice to numerous Fortune 100 companies including Apple, AT&T, American Express, General Motors, and Time Warner.

Dave is a published author and was for several years an op-ed columnist focused on the impacts of emergent technologies on business and industry.
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