Corrine Sandler

Corrine Sandler

Corrine Sandler is the founder and CEO of Fresh Intelligence Research Corp, a global Market Research Agency, bestselling author of Wake up or die and award-winning dynamic speaker.

As a renowned entrepreneur, she led Fresh Intelligence to PROFITS fastest growing companies in 4 years and has been on the W100, top 100 woman Entrepreneur list two years in a row. She is a highly sought-after thought leader, appearing on national radio shows and in print media.

Corrine is the modern day Sun Tzu, her dogmatic approach to winning all business battles, is based on the art of war – Intelligence first; a topic she is so passionate about and comes across in all her professional keynotes.

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Corrine Sandler joins Jim Blasingame to introduce a service that will help small businesses use big data to help them make better decisions and launch better products.
Corrine Sandler joins Jim Blasingame to reveal why small businesses need to use more data to make decisions, and how to use existing tools to do that.