Christopher Bishop

Christopher Bishop

Christopher Bishop has had many different careers since he graduated from Bennington College with a B.A. in German literature. He has worked as a touring rock musician (played with Robert Palmer), jingle producer (sang on the first Kit Kat jingle “Gimme A Break”) and Web site project manager (developed Johnson & Johnson’s first corporate Web site). Chris also spent 15 years at
IBM in a variety of roles including business strategy consultant and communications executive driving social media adoption and use of virtual worlds.

Chris is a member of the World Future Society and gave a talk at their annual conference in Washington, D.C. last summer on “How to Succeed at Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet.” In addition, he’s on the Board of TEDxTimesSquare and gave a talk on *Openness* at the New York event in April 2013.

Chris writes, consults and speaks about “improvising careers” at universities and industry conferences.

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