Chris  Carosa

Chris Carosa

Chris Carosa M.B.A. is the President of Carosa Stanton Asset Management, LLC, and serves as the Chairman of the Bullfinch Fund, a family of flexible no-load mutual funds, frequently ranked in the top ten nationally by Lipper. He has extensive national media experience including Reuters, Barron’s, the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, The Journal of Financial Planning, Advisor Today magazine and FOX Business Network.

He is a Certified Trust and Financial Adviser, Chief Contributing Editor to, a highly-respected industry watchdog and news organization and author of Hey! What’s My Number? How to Improve the Odds You Will Retire in Comfort and From Cradle To Retirement: The Child IRA.

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Chris Carosa joins Jim Blasingame to report on the contagious potential for the California law that restricts the use of contractors, and why this destructive policy could infect other states.
Chris Carosa joins Jim Blasingame to report on the new California law that hurts the ability of companies to use contractors for work that doesn’t fit an employment model, including Uber drivers.
Chris Carosa joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the importance of the SECURE Act to many individuals, companies and their retirement plans, and ask why this bi-partisan bill isn’t being passed in the Senate.