Brian  Blase

Brian Blase

Brian Blase is the CEO of Blase Policy Strategies, LLC. From 2017 until 2019, Dr. Blase served as a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House’s National Economic Council. In this capacity, he coordinated the Trump Administration’s health policy agenda, leading the development of the administration’s policies to increase health care choice and competition.

Dr. Blase has worked for key congressional committees in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. He often publishes research and commentaries, as a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and New York Post, among many other outlets.

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Brian Blase joins Jim Blasingame to report on the differences in the next four years if Trump wins reelection, with more healthcare choice, and if Biden wins, with less choice and more government control and mandates.
Brian Blase joins Jim Blasingame to report on the three Trump executive orders that allow for short-term health care policies, employee reimbursement and association health care plans, of which the first two have prevailed in court.
Brian Blase joins Jim Blasingame to report on the continued damage that Obamacare is doing in America, and to talk about some of the court cases that are being waged to end this bad policy.