Brendan Ross

Brendan Ross

Brendan Ross is the president of Direct Lending Investments LLC, the general partner of a short-term, high-yield small business loan fund. An early expert in peer-to-peer lending, Brendan spoke at the 2013 and 2014 LendIt Conferences, the largest peer-to-peer lending conference in the country. Previously, he was a turnaround CEO and ran a number of companies, including ReserveAmerica, the world’s largest outdoor recreation reservation company.

Brendan’s insights into emerging alternative asset classes have earned him a reputation for forward-thinking investment strategies. Seeing the opportunity in direct lending to healthy small businesses that are unable to secure traditional financing, he founded Direct Lending Investments to offer clients access to this new asset class. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, Forbes, FOX Business and many other outlets.

Brendan graduated from Brown University ’95 with a double major in Economics and Sociology. He received Magna and Phi Beta Kappa and was awarded honors in Sociology.

Brendan lives with his wife and two children in La Canada, just north of Los Angeles.
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