Arran  Stewart

Arran Stewart

Arran James Stewart is the co-owner of blockchain recruitment platform - which aims to be the most secure, efficient, and transparent hiring process ever. Relying on a decade worth of experience in the recruitment industry, Arran has consistently sought to bring recruitment to the cutting edge of technology. Arran helped develop one of the world’s first multi-post to media buy talent attraction portals, and also helped reinvent the way job content found candidates through utilizing matching technology against job aggregation.

As a first-mover in online recruitment technology with a decade of experience in recruitment, Arran’s expertise has been featured in Forbes, Reuters, CoinJournal, and HRTechnologist, among other publications.
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Arran Stewart joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that 85% of job applicants lie, and how his company is using blockchain technology to create a way to keep job applicants and their endorsers honest.
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