Adam Stettner

Adam Stettner

CEO of Reliant Funding

Adam Stettner has over 20 years of leadership, management, sales, and business development experience. Early in his career he was a founder and president of National Lending Associates, Inc., serving students and universities via loan and payment plan program administration.

The start of the recession in 2008 inspired Adam to help business owners get needed working capital. To that end, he founded Reliant Funding. The company provides customized, short-term financing to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide.

Adam leads with a passion for making cash accessible to hard working business owners. He takes great pride in building a team of people that are empowered, dedicated and love what they do.

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Adam Stettner joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how his company uses alternative methods to help small businesses that aren’t bankable acquire the capital they need.
Adam Stettner joins Jim Blasingame to report on how his business was killed by the 2008 financial crisis and caused him to identify an even more important direction to help businesses acquire capital.