The Joy of Marketing with Positive People

Lois Geller

Every day the news blasts are about the economy and job losses get me down. Then I watch my brokerage account plummet. Topping that off, new business is not as active as usual and everyone is talking about cutting their budgets. So how do you keep your spirits up, and the enthusiasm going?

Well, one of my friends said "just fake it until you make it." Another friend said that you need to think of the alternative and figure, "… well, I’m alive."

When I was very young my Mom took me to the Marble Collegiate Church in
New York City and we heard Norman Vincent Peale talk about the Power of Positive Thinking. We knew that it worked, even before Rhonda Byrne The Secret.

Then this week I read in the New York Post about the fact that happiness is contagious. When you interact with a happy person, it increases the likelihood that you are happy by 15% (according to The British Medical Journal).

So the more happy people you know, the higher the likelihood that you’ll be happy too. The study from
Harvard Medical School used 4700 people and the findings said that happiness is more contagious than unhappiness.

I have to be happy each day because I have a great guy who works with me, and he’s always upbeat and has a smile on his face. His name is Pepper Huff, and even if our business should get slow he’ll always put a smile on my face. He adds energy to our office.

So, get rid of the sourpusses in your life, and get together with positive folks. The economy? It will take care of itself, either way.

Lois Geller is founder and president of Lois Geller Marketing and author of Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate.
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