Small Business Opportunity This Holiday Season

Joseph Bailey

Dear Friends,

I wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with lots of love, peace of mind, and generosity of spirit. May you and all your loved ones feel the spirit of unity and caring now and throughout the New Year.

This New Year and the holiday season mark a time of great opportunity and transformation, now more than other years. With the many challenges we face and uncertainty of our future we might be tempted to fall into the habit of fear, worry and dread. We are in the throws of perhaps the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression, unemployment, foreclosures, budget shortfalls, an erratic stock market and the challenge of just paying our bills. How do we see this uncertain future as an opportunity with optimism, vision and the creative and collective human energy for positive change?

Will we face this time of challenge as an opportunity for transformation or will we retreat into fear, complacency and looking out for our own personal self-interests? This is a choice not only for our leaders but also for each of us individually. How do we make the right choice, one that will take us forward in a new and positive direction?

To me the choice is a very basic one: Do I face this unknown future from the core of my Being that is the source of wisdom and universal intelligence, or do I retreat into the familiar source of thinking that is a false self - my ego habit self that is rooted in fear? This is the proverbial "fork in the road" that I speak about in many of my books and talks. Which path will you take this year, this day: the path of the true Self or the path of the ego?

  Fortunately, we have our truest nature on our side to guide us through instinct for survival, intuition, and creative insights to show us the way into an unknown future. This true nature of our being guides us through feelings - feelings that let us know if we are on the path of positive change or self-destructive change. Each of our decisions in life is guided by these intuitive feelings, but we must listen deeply and through reflection to hear our wisest voice. The feeling of calm knowing vs. the often loud racing thoughts of fear is our best resource for knowing the path to take. Hope is the feeling that takes us from the familiar world we now live in to the vision for a future that is better than the one we currently live in. Without hope we don't have the energy to move forward. Hope doesn't create the change, but it makes it possible.

I want to leave you with a gift for the holiday season. My dear friend Barbara McAfee, composer and consultant of music for life created and performed this wonderful song that I think you will be inspired by and will lift your spirits this season entitled: "Simple Season." You can listen to this song and learn more abotu Barbara's work and music on her website:

Wishing you a peace-filled New Year!
Santa Joe

Joseph Bailey is author of Fearproof Your Life.
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